Designed for Independent Power Producers, Market Participants, Pumped-Storage Operators and Small and Medium Hydropower Station Operators.

The HydroGrid is an advanced and complete Hydro Generation Optimization platform designed to optimize the profitability and flexibility of hydro generation, from a single run-of-river power plant to pumped storage facilities or even a complete multi-site hydro system with reservoirs.

Three components make up the system:

  1. Optimal Power System Scheduling (OPS)
  2. Optimal Load Unit Dispatch (OLUD)
  3. Optimal Power Forecast (OPF)

While each component can work as an autonomous stand-alone system or be linked through an API to other external products for specific applications, all three can be integrated into one platform, becoming one of the most advanced Hydro Generation Optimization platforms in the world.

HydroGrid is designed to be set to maximize power generation profits defined as the total revenue from electricity sales minus “fuel” (water marginal value) costs.

  • Power plant efficiency
  • Economic impact of non-production
  • Non respect of economic merit-order loading
  • Forced outage rate
  • Reserve monitoring: fast synchronous reserve, slow synchronous reserve, fast offline reserve, slow offline reserve, etc.
  • Production cost monitoring: start-up costs, fixed and variable costs, fuel costs (water), heating value, import/export costs/revenues, etc.

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A technology based and built on decades of experience.

The HydroGrid solution is designed by a team exclusively dedicated to the power utility industry. Together, they have completed more than 200 successful custom and integration projects that fulfill the specific needs of generation, transmission and distribution system owners and operators worldwide. The team has worked on hydro optimization projects in several countries including Brazil, China, Panama, Canada, U.S.A, Iran, Guinea, Haiti, and Madagascar, among others.

The HydroGrid solution is based in part on the experience and lessons learned when our experts, via Ossiaco’s predecessor company, developed a successful solution that balances, controls and optimizes all the generation units of one of the largest Hydro utilities in the world. The system, still in use today, is designed to work in real-time and perform and perform an optimal dispatch.

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240 Hours horizon, 5 min time step, 5 markets zone
31 000 MW of hydro generation
5000 MW of wind generation
1000 MW of thermal generation
$3.5M and 7 years of Research and Development